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-Buying a property or moving into one is a big decision. While you are not advised to take too long to make a decision and place an offer in order not to lose a good opportunity, you should be 100% confident with your choice. To make things easier for you and your realtor, start with making a list of all your needs. Be realistic and have some flexible items on your list. This should end you up with 2 lists, the must haves and the wished for.

-It is sometimes difficult to visualize yourself moving into a place if your realtor showed it to you empty of all furniture. Take your time to stand in every room and visualize your furniture in it. On the other hand, don’t refuse a home based on its interiors. There is always room for change to make it suite your own taste, the equity you are buying is what matters.

-Remember, you are buying more than just a house, you are also buying an area, a neighborhood, and a community.

- Whether you intend to take the property as your permanent residence or not, always think of the future re-sale price of your chosen property. This is not just a home, it’s also an investment


-As a seller, you care the most about how much you are cashing in, that being said, you must be realistic with your asking price. Know the market and the price ranges of your area. If a realtor tells you the price is too high, you need to take the time to listen to him. After all he has a grand view of the market and he would not lose a chance on making a higher commission if it is possible.

-Think of spending a little on fixing your property if needed. A well maintained, good looking villa with the least work needed will always be more appealing to buyers and help sell the property faster and at a higher price.

-Offer some flexible payment terms. This is always an attractive point to buyers.

-If you find serious interested buyers with an offering that is close enough to your asking price, don’t keep them waiting for too long. Listen to your realtor. A better buyer might not come along, and you might lose the current offer.


-Make sure you are always updated with the market prices, new areas, new communities. Have your eye set on upcoming areas and investment opportunities. With your deep and confident knowledge of the market, you will earn the respect of your clients.

-Establish a strong rapport with your clients. Whether or not they will close this specific deal with you, these same clients might need you in the future. You have to be the first one to come to their mind for your professionalism, credibility and dedication.

-Don’t be greedy, partner with other realtors and agents to get a sale closed instead of losing one for a higher commission.

-Always look presentable, be punctual, and make sure you are eloquent. After all you represent your client.

-If you know that you cannot meet a client’s request, do not waste their time persuading them otherwise. This will make you look unprofessional and non-trustworthy. There is no shame in telling your client that their needs are not within your capabilities. Losing 1 client is better than losing 10 from bad word of mouth.

-If your client approves, organize an open house to attract other agents and clients. This is always a good way to showcase a property to the largest number of possible deal closers in an attractive manner.

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